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What Our Users Say

Chilled Children Creative Imagination Programme

“As a user of the CHILLED Visualisation resource I would definitely recommend it! I sought out visualisation techniques after finding it difficult on particular mornings to motivate the children, some who often felt sleepy or not entirely able to focus. After trying out other behaviour management techniques and physical activities – this one seemed the best. The CD and scripts are easy to use and accessible at all levels and abilities – drifting off to an imaginary place is literally a dream and the daily visualisation takes no time at all to introduce and carry out. Limited resources are needed to make this tool a success, and once part of the normal routine can reduce learning time slippage, enhance learning and widen learning readiness. After moving to a new year group this year I then discovered the problem of afternoon over activeness, or the dreaded windy day behavioural change! By introducing the calmer visualisation sequences a quieter and productive learning environment was once again restored.

This resource is a must for teachers who, from time to time, may need a quick ‘pick me up’ or ‘calm down’ session that will promote learning readiness but not take up a busy timetable. Chilled Children Visualisation is vital for those schools with limited resources or those teachers stretched for preparation time. This is a no fuss simple resource, easy to use, follow and build into a hectic school day.”

Mrs Craddock , Head Teacher , Hudson Primary School

Chilled Children – Creative Imagination for Exam Success

“I used Chilled Children before SATS sessions last May. The children responded well and achieved a good level of concentration before each test.
I noticed the class were calm and composed, alert and positive in their approach to the test.”

Mrs J , Teacher, St Elizabeths Roman Catholic Primary School

Chilled Children – Key Stage One

“I find that this is a great tool to use, better in the afternoons where it is needed most. Excellent if used as part of the normal classroom routine.”

Mrs W, Teacher, Hudson Primary School

Chilled Children – Staff Training

“I really enjoyed the training course – eye opener, very beneficial. It was very easy to follow and very relaxing. Enjoyed it, will use the program with my class.”

Teacher, Knowsley Village Primary School

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