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Illustrated and Audio children’s bedtime story book


The easiest way to help your children get to sleep quickly and easily
Do you have difficulty getting your child to sleep at night? Suffering from a long bedtime routine or frequent waking up during the night?
Would you like a short, easy bedtime routine and some relaxation time for yourself in the evening? Then Sleeepy Storiezzz could be the book of your dreams.

Meet the characters


Chilled Chimp


Tired Tiger


Exhausted Elephant

Front Cover

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Do not listen to this video unless

it’s safe to fall asleep

Sleeepy Storiezzz is a unique illustrated and audio bedtime story book using Hypnotherapy and Meditation techniques to guide children quickly and easily into a deep sleep. Reading the book or playing the CD has in tests, reduced bedtime routines for 60 mins to 10 mins.

What our users say….


“My four year old daughter Lottie has never been an easy child to settle at bedtime. She has for 3 years now had very challenging behaviour throughout the day, made worse in the evenings as she grows more tired. This seems to result, almost daily, in a very difficult bedtime routine whereby she refuses to go to bed despite a relaxing bath followed by a story. She always wants more and more story time, and the stories seem to spark off her imagination again, making it difficult for her to ‘switch off’, despite her obvious tiredness. It usually takes us between 45 minutes and an hour to settle her. Sleeepy Storiezzz’ is such a simple idea – instead of starting a child’s imagination running wild with stories full of characters and far off adventures at the exact time they should be calming down and preparing for sleep, the story takes them to the most relaxing, calming place they can imagine. I can vouch that the result is total relaxation within 10 minutes of starting. After four years I have a child who is not continuously getting out of bed or asking for more story time – because she simply isn’t there. She is in the place the story has taken her to, and she is more than happy to stay there as it appeals to her far more than getting out of her warm, snug, relaxing bed. Night after night, for almost two weeks, we have read these stories to her, and the fact that each night she has settled instantly is testament to the fact that these techniques work. One evening she was asleep by 6.30pm and if that’s not proof positive that these stories have an effect I don’t know what is.”

Charitable Donations from every book sold


We will be donating 50p from every book we sell to the Cystic Fibrosis Care charity, so every pledge we receive will be making a valuable contribution to helping children and families with CF.


Cystic Fibrosis Care is a registered charity in England and Wales No. 1162445

Get yourself an easy bedtime routine and a relaxing evening

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In Sleeepy Storiezzz children don’t just listen to the story, they are part of the story.

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50p from every book sold goes to Cystic Fibrosis Care

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