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Creative Imagination Programme

We are passionate about helping children

to have the best possible Mental and Emotional care and providing teachers with the tools and training needed to provide it.

Why do Children need our help?
Why use Chilled Children?


Fact : At least 50% of adult mental health problems start in childhood. It is likely that the figure is significantly higher


Fact : 1 in 10 children are affected by a mental health problem


Fact : In 2014/15 there were 35,244 counselling sessions for children for low self esteem, feeling sad, low or lonely


Fact : 80,000 children and young people and 2% of under 12’s suffer from depression


Fact : 22.9% of looked after children aged 5-15 demonstrated emotional problems

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What is Chilled Children?


Our Chilled Children programme provides Teachers with a wide range of teaching resources to help children to deal with Mental and Emotional difficulties and provide them with tools for the future. This programme uses Visualisation, Meditation and Imagination techniques. Using these techniques the programme works on a very subtle, but deep level to provide Mental and Emotional wellbeing and improve Behaviour, Concentration and Learning.

The Programme covers focus and attention, improved learning and information recall, behavioural difficulties, confidence and self esteem, loneliness and more, and best of all, each individual element takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete, so doesn’t take up valuable teaching time.


Helping Children with their
Mental and Emotional Well-being

Helping Teachers provide
Mental and Emotional Care

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