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Chilled for Autism

We are passionate about helping children

to have the best possible Mental and Emotional care and providing teachers with the tools and training needed to provide it.

Why do Children need our help?
Why use Chilled Children?


Fact : 25% of children with Autism have tried to harm or kill themselves


Fact: A survey of 10,438 children between the ages of 5 and 15 years found that 3.62% of boys and 0.85% of girls had ADHD


Fact: Children with generalised anxiety disorder and those with depression had the most days away from school – a quarter had had more than 15 days absence in the previous term


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What is Chilled Children?


The Chilled Children Autism Supplement has been written and developed in school with teachers and children. This supplement is designed to be used alongside the full CHILLED CHILDREN Creative Imagination programme.


The elements of this book are designed to help children on the autistic spectrum to explore, express, understand and deal with their feelings. It also helps them to appreciate their gifts, build confidence and self-esteem and to work together.


Chilled for Autism is a 5 session workbook based on emotional expression through Drawing, Imagination and Visualisation.


Helping Children with their
Mental and Emotional Well-being

Helping Teachers provide
Mental and Emotional Care

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